About CSA

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

CSA is a business model that connects farmers and customers directly to each other. You become an investor in our farm when you pre-purchase a share of the season’s harvest. In return for your investment we plan, grow and deliver food to you weekly throughout the growing season.

What Does a Delivery Look Like?

Each delivery day we provide you with a box of freshly harvested in-season vegetables, salad greens, and occasionally fruit. Early in the season boxes have mostly greens and cool weather crops (radishes, turnips, peas, etc). Later in the season boxes have a wide array of garden vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, peppers, broccoli and much more. Browse pictures of boxes from past years.

Full share boxes are intended to supply a family of four vegetable-lovers with all the produce they need for a week. Half share boxes are meant for two vegetable-lovers. When a crop is in-season and producing well, we share the bounty with you, sometimes in large quantities. If you’re looking for smaller amounts but still want CSA deliveries, we encourage you to find someone to split a share with you.

How Do You Grow Your Food?

We work hard to produce high quality fruits and vegetables, and we believe that the way we grow food matters. We avoid using pesticides that do not meet organic growing standards. We improve soil fertility by rotating crops and adding organic soil amendments. Our goal is to increase productivity over time without compromising the health of the soil or the land.

Why Choose CSA?

When you purchase a CSA share with Northern Delicious, you choose to receive a steady supply of fresh, in-season produce. You choose to support small-scale food producers. You choose to eat healthy food that was grown responsibly, right here in northern Minnesota.